Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Blockchain Revolution and the Evolution of Law

Originally published by Heather Holmes.



What is blockchain technology?

The blockchain is a decentralized network that facilitates the exchange of value and enables users to confidently manage and share data. Blockchain technology, which allows peers to transact business and exchange digital assets without the involvement of an intermediary started in 2009 with the development of a digital currency known as Bitcoin. The conceptional framework that makes Bitcoin possible is a digital payment network built on the blockchain.

A lot has been written lately on the impact that blockchain will have on the practice of law. Resources for learning more about blockchain technology are provided below so you can identify which aspects of blockchain are most important and relevant to lawyers. Learn about where the blockchain is going and how the legal profession can prepare for it. (Tip of the hat to Joe Hodnicki of Law Librarian Blog for linking to some of the items listed here.)





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  2. BlockChain has strength to change industry operating models. According to World Economy Forum states that 80% of the banks are working on BlockChain Projects.