Friday, May 12, 2017

Top Ten from Texas Bar Today: DiMaggio, Sinatra, and Justice Scalia

Originally published by Teri Rodriguez.

To highlighTop Tent some of the posts that stand out from the crowd, the editors of Texas Bar Today have created a list from the week’s blog posts of the top ten based on subject matter, writing style, headline, and imagery. We hope you enjoy this installment.

10. Rosen’s Bagels – Best Bagels in AustinMichelle Cheng of Whitehurst Harkness Brees Cheng Alsaffar & Higginbotham PLLC @NatlTrialLaw in Austin

9. Career Choice: Why Real Estate Law Is Such A Booming Industry – Bob Kraft of Kraft & Associates @BobKraft in Dallas

8. Animal Cruelty Laws in Texas | Cruelty to a Non-Livestock Animal – Brandon Barnett of Barnett Howard & Williams PLLC @BHWLAWFIRM in Fort Worth

7. ExxonMobil Ordered to Pay $20 Million for Excess Air Pollution in Houston – Bill Smalling of The Law Office of C. William Smalling, P.C. in Houston

6. Bid on Mementos from Justice Scalia’s Estate, signed by Joe DiMaggio and Frank Sinatra – Josh Blackman, Associate Professor of Law at Houston College of Law @HOUcollegeoflaw

5. Where Do Airline Trademarks Go When They’re Grounded? – Kirby Drake of Klemchuk LLP @K_LLP in Dallas

4. Lawyer Marketing Key Point: Narrow Your Client Base and Widen Your Visibility – Cordell Parvin @cordellparvin of Cordell Parvin LLC in Dallas

3. Oil Field Contamination Award Upheld – Charles Sartain of Gray Reed & McGraw, P.C. @GrayReedLaw in Dallas

2. Location, Location, Location: It’s Important in Trade Secrets Litigation Too – Zach Wolfe @zachwolfelaw of Fleckman & McGlynn, PLLC in The Woodlands

1. Trial Court Admits Expert Testimony, or Not, at Its Discretion; Attorneys’ Fees Must Be Segregated between Fee-Recovering and Non-Fee-Recovering Causes of Action  – Bob Mabry @m10001 of Bob Mabry, Attorney at Law, PLLC in Conroe


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