Monday, April 4, 2016

Houston Legal Links 4/4/2016

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Top legal news includes: Charges dismissed against dozens of Waco bikers, lawyer says; The Waco Biker Gang Shooting Investigation Is A Complete Mess; Houston psychiatrist sentenced over Medicare fraud at hospital; Fifth Circuit Relocates from NOLA for Budget Reasons (Texas Lawbook); Texas Supreme Court Rules on Who Owns Dog; Golf Channel Ruling Pings Stanford Receiver (Texas Lawyer); Abortion Limits Create Nightmare for Parents of Stillborn Baby; Arrests made in Harris County child support roundup; DuPont Will Shutter La Porte Plant Where Chemical Leak Killed 4 Workers; Texas Supreme Court Defends Indigent Litigants in Strong-Worded Opinion (Texas Lawyer); Texas Supreme Court Upholds Tax on “Small Tobacco”; $2.6 million fine against Exxon over oil spill is upheld; Teacher placed on leave after allegedly calling 12-year-old ‘terrorist’ (Chron subsc); Ellis straddles the line between politics, municipal finance and public policy (Chron subsc); Convicted Former Lawyer Sued for Real Estate Fraud (Texas Lawyer); City Will “Encourage” Companies With Tax Breaks to Be Better Employers, But Won’t Require It; 14-month-old Texas girl dead after ‘routine’ dental procedure; Iraq’s PM orders probe into oil corruption allegations; Saudis to Sell Stake in Parent of State Oil Giant by 2018; Texas Parks and Wildlife Uses BP Oil Spill Money to Sink a Ship (and Create a Reef) & Regulators allow Exxon to restart refinery in California.

For the water cooler: More law firms raise starting pay to $160K outside New York; Holland & Knight is latest to do so; Judge: Pro se lawyer guilty of soliciting murder would win if he could sue himself for malpractice; Lawyer admits smuggling heroin into jail, but says he stopped practicing and sought treatment; JP Morgan Shows 5 Employees The Door For Sports Betting On The Clock; HR 1220: Urging Members to Stop Saying “Physical” Instead of “Fiscal”; Judge sues judicial conduct commission claiming 1st Amendment right to criticize system on Facebook; Lawyer whose midtrial DUI setup by opposing counsel made headlines wins related malpractice suit; Cops need warrant before using Stingray devices to track cellphones, Maryland appeals court says; Is Uber ride-sharing app a price-fixing scheme? Federal judge OKs conspiracy suit against CEO; Which Law Schools Received The Most Applications For Fall 2015?; File form W-K9 for pet tax? A 0% acceptance rate at Stanford? Blog has April 1 roundup & Google and Oracle lawyers won’t conduct research on potential jurors after judge’s ultimatum.

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