Wednesday, February 24, 2016

NTSB is Urging Stricter Rules on Drinking and Driving

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WTSP-TV St. Petersburg, FL reports that the NTSB is urging stricter rules on drinking and driving. NTSB chairman Christopher Hart “kicked off a SADD conference on Wednesday with a push to lower the legal blood alcohol level nationwide,” the article reports. He said, “Alcohol impairment starts with the very first drink. The NTSB continues to recommend a legal limit of .05 or lower BAC in all states, not the .08 we’ve gotten used to.” Hart’s recommendation has not yet received support from legislators, but some advocates for stricter rules, including MADD, like the idea and are pushing for a built-in device in cars that would detect alcohol in drivers and block the car from starting.

From the news release of the American Association for Justice.

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