Friday, March 31, 2017

Houston Legal Links

Originally published by Mary Flood.

Top legal news: Two Houston surgeons facing deportation get temporary relief; Judge orders Ken Paxton criminal trial moved out of Collin County and delayed; New policy may mean seeing a lot more cops with tattoos; 2016 M&A Lawyer Leaderboard: Houstonians and A Lotta White Guys (Texas Lawbook); Houston mayor: 50 percent of Uber driver applicants have criminal record; Texas Republicans defend “bathroom bill” as North Carolina tweaks its law; Houston Lawyer Couch Finds Way to Make Police-Shooting Case Stick (Texas Lawyer); UH Hosts ‘People’s Law School’ Tomorrow; Doctor Sues McGuireWoods for Legal Malpractice (Texas Lawyer); Bestiality isn’t illegal in Texas. Lawmakers may soon change that; Years after Perry veto, Travis County seeks revival of statewide prosecuting unit; Sex offender arrested after falling in open manhole; Murder victim’s niece weighs in after Supreme Court sides with death row inmate; States Weigh Legislation After Dental Board Antitrust Ruling (Law360) & Callers reported a swerving pickup before deadly bus crash.

For the water cooler: Graduate of two law schools who never attended college may take the bar exam, court rules; Lawyers mimic defendant BuzzFeed in motion with clickbait heading and adorable kitten photo; North Carolina becomes first state to require lawyers to reveal innocence evidence after conviction; Why ‘Higher-Class’ Women Won’t Get That Biglaw Job: Hiring Biases That You Won’t Believe!; Federal Charges Against Judge Who Allegedly Traded Sex For Help With Traffic Tickets; How Hunting Clients Is Like Being Addicted To Tinder; The 5 Most Expensive Law Schools In America (2017); Boutique Bests Biglaw In Booze-Bottle Battle; Seattle sues over threat to withhold funds from ‘sanctuary cities’; Law deans were unaware of judge’s largesse in wrongful foreclosure case; Hawaii federal judge extends order blocking revised travel ban, ‘will not crawl into a corner’; Chemerinsky: Civil rights advocates win important victories at SCOTUS & GOP could try these ‘nuclear option’ alternatives to put Gorsuch on the Supreme Court.

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