Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Can You Sue the State of Texas for Poorly Designed Roads?

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If an accident is caused by a defect or poorly designed roads, the government may be liable for any resulting damages. Usually a state agency, such as a department of transportation, will have the responsibility of implementing proper care in the design, construction, and maintenance of highways in order to protect drivers from any potential hazards. Placement and proper maintenance of traffic signs and traffic signals are usually the responsibility of this agency. If an accident occurs due to an incorrectly placed or malfunctioning sign or signal, then liability may be assigned to the state agency. For example, in construction zones, signs and signals should be visible so drivers can be warned of possible dangers. In some states, the level of care needed in construction zones may be greater than in others. Streetlights Streetlights are usually installed by the state as necessary, and typically protect the safety of people traveling on highways. In some areas, streetlights may not be mandatory to avoid danger, but they may be installed merely as an added benefit for travelers. Regardless of why they were installed, once streetlights are in existence they must be properly maintained. Safe Conditions The state has a duty to ensure that roadways are in safe driving condition. This includes the shoulders of highways as well as any features that were built to prevent accidents. Shoulders should be maintained in safe condition to protect drivers who intentionally or unintentionally drive onto the shoulder. Other Responsibilities In addition, roads should be clear […]

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