Monday, November 14, 2016

How Going into Healthcare Law Can Make You a Successful Lawyer

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It’s no secret that the healthcare profession is booming, and with it, the need for legal professionals with a background in and understanding of healthcare issues. There are now a number of reasons going into healthcare law can serve to pave your way for success as a lawyer.

It’s One of the Only Legal Specializations That’s Growing

The legal field is rather stagnant at the moment, but healthcare law is one of a few specializations, like patent law, that continues to see growth. Because the healthcare field itself is growing, so is the need for legal professionals who can interpret new healthcare laws and give legal advice to employers, employees, hospitals, nursing homes and insurance companies.

It’s Meaningful

While other areas of law are also meaningful, attorneys working in healthcare typically get to see tangible results of the good their work has done. Healthcare attorneys frequently deal with massive issues that have far-reaching implications, up to and including life or death. This can make working in this field more challenging but also ultimately more rewarding.

You’ll Have A Lot of Support

The field of healthcare law has a reputation for being more collegial and welcoming than other forms of law. According to the American Bar Association, attorneys who want to work in healthcare law tend to genuinely want to be there. There is even an entire organization, the American Health Lawyers Association that healthcare lawyers can join to connect with other professionals, offer help and information to the public and boost their professional growth and knowledge.

More Universities Are Offering Healthcare Law

Healthcare law as a legal specialization is being offered at more and more law schools in order to allow students the option of finding success in this field. These programs want to see students succeed and will do what they can to ensure you are prepared to find success as a healthcare lawyer. Some top health care law schools include Stanford University, Hofstra, St. Louis University, Boston University and the University of Virginia.

It’s Interesting

When working in healthcare law, there are a lot of different and interesting aspects that come into play, including Medicare and Medicaid, insurance, taxation, privacy, ethics, pharmaceuticals and the proverbial elephant in the room, the Affordable Care Act. Many of your clients will also be intelligent and grateful for your understanding of the laws that apply to them, which will certainly keep you encouraged and more motivated to succeed.

Because the healthcare legal sector is still rather small and dedicated, it’s not usually the first choice for aspiring attorneys. Which is a shame, because not only is it one of the only law fields that is growing, but there is quite a supportive community within the field to help you succeed. It’s definitely a legal specialization worth checking out.

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