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When Is Food Poisoning Significant Enough to Merit a Law Suit?

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When Is Food Poisoning Significant Enough to Merit a Lawsuit

Food poisoning is something that occurs more than 76 million times per year. It is a condition in which a person has consumed a contaminated item. The food item has an abundance of harmful bacteria, and those bacteria cause the victim to exhibit painful and harmful symptoms. Some of the most common symptoms of food poisoning are nausea, vomiting, diarrhea and fatigue. Some cases of food poisoning may qualify a victim to visit a personal injury attorney and pursue compensation. The following are cases when food poisoning is significant enough to merit a lawsuit.

When the Victim Misses Work

A person is eligible for personal injury compensation the minute that he or she misses work because of food poisoning. The judge may find that the neglectful party such as the restaurant or nursing home must repay the victim for every penny that he or she could not earn by working for an employer.

When the Victim Loses Important Items

Financial problems that occur in personal injury cases can end up with the victims losing crucial possessions. Evictions and foreclosure may occur during recovery. Victims may lose their vehicles and other items, as well. The neglectful party may have to repay the victim for such losses.

When the Victim Becomes Hospitalized

A victim that becomes hospitalized because of food poisoning starts to accumulate a large bill the moment that he or she enters. Many people end up going to the hospital because of the dehydration that occurs in food poisoning cases. Such people have a right to seek the assistance of a Pritzker Law attorney to receive reimbursement for their medical expenses.

When the Victim Experiences Long-Term Pain and Suffering

Pain and suffering is something that a judge will tend to if the case is extremely neglectful. Extreme neglect may be difficult to prove in a food poisoning case, but the attorney will certainly try to do such.

The victim can contact an attorney’s office and schedule a consultation. The consultation will give the person a chance to speak on the incident and how it came about. The two parties will then try to work out a strategy for getting the victim the funds that he or she rightly deserves for the food poisoning incident. An experienced attorney will first try to settle out of court to get the victim fast compensation. Court will occur if that does not work.

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