Monday, May 23, 2016

LIBOR Price-Fixing Case Returns

Originally published by Barry Barnett.

6a00d8341c4f7053ef01b8d0c55867970c-320wi.jpegAfter a trip to the Supreme Court and back, the massive price-fixing case against the world’s largest banks for rigging the London inter-bank offer rate (LIBOR) will return to the district court in Manhattan stronger than ever. Gelboim v. Bank of Am. Corp., No. 13-3565-cv (2d Cir. May 23, 2016)

Today a panel of the Second Circuit vacated the district court’s dismissal of the antitrust claims against the banks. The panel held, among other things, that the LIBOR plaintiffs had adequately alleged a per se violation of antitrust law. Circuit Judge Dennis Jacobs wrote the opinion for the 3-0 panel

More to follow.

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