Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Flags Out on Memorial Day

Originally published by Michael C. Smith.


Spent Memorial Day mornings getting U.S. flags up on the still-under-construction Lexington (CV-2) and Essex (CV-9) models and decided to take a picture of all eight 1/700 scale carriers in the display cabinet/work bench.

It isn’t historically accurate to my December 1940 Yorktown, which is still in peacetime Navy Gray with a giant “Y” on the funnel to distinguish her from her sister ship Enterprise, but I added the giant battle flag on the foremast that Captain Buckmaster broke out during the repairs after the Japanese dive-bombing attacks the afternoon of 4 June 1942 during the Battle of Midway. Yorktown_dive_bombing

Walter Lord quoted survivors as saying that that seeing that giant flag come out while the ship was burning and dead in the water, and the crew was working furiously to control the fires and restore power was something they’d never forget.

I thought today was an appropriate day to commemorate it.


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