Friday, October 28, 2016

Texas Restrictions for Senior Drivers

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Texas is one of several states that require senior drivers to do more than just show up at a Department of Public Safety (DPS) office to renew their driver’s license. In certain situations, senior drivers in Texas may be asked to take a vision test and a medical evaluation when renewing their licenses. Texas imposes the following requirements on senior drivers for license renewal: Drivers aged 79 to 84 must renew their licenses in person every six years. Drivers aged 85 or over must renew their licenses in person every two years. Drivers aged 79 or over must undergo a vision test and medical evaluation. Applicants with eyesight that is less than 20/70 with correction or 20/40 without correction must be examined by an outside vision specialist. A written knowledge test and a road test may be required if deemed necessary by DPS personnel. In some cases, older Texas drivers may have restrictions placed on their driver’s license. These vary, and are based on the results of your vision test and a driver’s test. The most common restrictions include: Requirement to wear eyeglasses or corrective lenses; Restriction on when you can drive – i.e., between sunrise and sunset; Limits on where you can drive — i.e., no freeway driving; Requirement to wear hearing aids while driving; Requirement to limit speed to 45 mph or lower; Requirement for vehicle equipped with outside mirrors, power steering, automatic transmission, etc.; Requirement for notification of medical conditions. Senior drivers under the age of 79 […]

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