Thursday, April 6, 2017

Houston Legal Links

Originally published by Mary Flood.

Top legal news: HPD announces decrease in Hispanics reporting crimes; Houston restaurateur accused of operating illegal seafood network; Houston councilman fears for safety after calling police in murder-for-hire case; Shell sues former head of security for threatening to reveal secrets (Chron subsc); Special prosecutor is requested in killing of Texas deputy Goforth; Shell sues former head of security for threatening to reveal secrets; Plaintiffs Bar Perspective: Provost Umphrey’s James Payne (Law360); Susman Godfrey Retreats From Contingency Model, Looks to Oil and Gas Clients (Texas Lawyer); Texas Businessman Gets 4 Years For Defrauding Law Firms (Law360); Texas State Bar Sunset Bill is Approved by Senate (Texas Lawbook); Bills aimed at controversial Dallas-Houston bullet train sail out of Senate committee; House committee backs banning most sex offenders from living on college campuses; Has Texas A&M Ended Its Controversial Dog Experiments?; Cameron Beats FLSA Suit Brought By Non-Employee (Law360); In shake up, Rick Perry moves into Trump’s national security inner circle; Texas mulls asking drivers to help it clear rape kit backlog & Texas company’s ‘talon’ concept bidding on border wall.

For the water cooler: Judge can serve on beauty pageant panel, ethics opinion says; Programmer faces federal charges for creating software used by hackers; Tesla responds to lawsuit by claiming it has no duty to design a fail-safe car; A Judicial Battle Royal At The Seventh Circuit — And Judge Posner’s Favorite Gays Of All Time; Free Market Does What The Court System Could Not: Hurt Bill O’Reilly; Former Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s Tent City jail is closing; Title VII protects gay workers, 7th Circuit rules; Posner backs ‘interpretive updating’ of old laws; Boutique Firm Lawyers Accused Of Using Courts To ‘Further Their Own Self-Aggrandizement’; Law review author says she isn’t bothered by Gorsuch’s use of similar sentences in book; Trump White House Lawyers: How Much Are They Worth? (Part 3); Squire Patton Boggs announces alliance with Trump’s personal lawyer & In novel ‘Al-Tounsi,’ author looks at US Supreme Court through a human lens (podcast).

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