Friday, August 11, 2017

Top 10 from Texas Bar Today: Being Different, Staying True, and Developing Empathy

Originally published by Joanna Herzik.

10. Internet and Interstate Commerce: Scope of Federal Criminal JurisdictionBenson Varghese @TexasEvidence of Varghese, Summersett & Smith, PLLC in Fort Worth

9. Misclassification in the Sharing Economy: It’s the Arbitration Agreements – Beth Graham of Karl Bayer @karlbayer in Austin

8. Common Misconceptions About Enforcing Non-Competition Agreements in TexasAndrew Pearce and Colby Hodges of BoyarMiller @boyarmiller in Houston

7. Social Media in Litigation Part 1: Opposition ResearchZach Wolfe @zachwolfelaw of Fleckman & McGlynn, PLLC in The Woodlands

6. Getting a Bigger Bang for Your Litigation BuckKacy Miller of CourtroomLogic Consulting, LLC @CourtroomLogic in Dallas and Fort Worth

5. A plague on both your venues . .David Coale of Lynn Pinker Cox & Hurst, LLP @600camp in Dallas

4. Will Coke Come Up Zero in Court? – Peggy Keene of Klemchuk LLP @K_LLP in Dallas

3. Being Different Doesn’t Mean Being Irrelevant – OJ Salinas of the Law School Academic Support Blog

2. Good-Bye to the Wichita Lineman – Know Your Values and Stay True to ThemThomas Fox of TomFoxLaw @tfoxlaw in Houston

1. Empathy: What It Is, Why You Need It and How to Develop More of ItCordell Parvin @cordellparvin of Cordell Parvin LLC in Dallas

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