Friday, April 7, 2017

Top 10 from Texas Bar Today: Decisions, Rulings, and Settlements

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TexasBarTodayTopTenBadgeJune2016To highlight some of the posts that stand out from the crowd, the editors of Texas Bar Today have created a list from the week’s blog posts of the top ten based on subject matter, writing style, headline, and imagery. We hope you enjoy this installment.

10. How Victims Can Get the Most out of a Class Action LawsuitBob Kraft of Kraft & Associates @BobKraft in Dallas

9. Lawyers: You’ve Got to Learn These 26 Things to Develop a Book of BusinessCordell Parvin @cordellparvin of Cordell Parvin LLC in Dallas

8. Can You Be Charged with Sending a “Dangerous” Tweet? –  Broden & Mickelsen, LLP @BrodenLaw in Dallas

7. Production-in-Paying-Quantities Analysis ConfirmedCharles Sartain of Gray Reed & McGraw, P.C. @GrayReedLaw in Dallas

6. Western District Rejects Same Actor InferenceThomas J. Crane of Law Office of Thomas J. Crane @tomjcrane in San Antonio

5. Anti-SLAPP motion denied; 5th Court reverses.David Coale @600camp of Lynn Pinker Cox & Hurst, LLP in Dallas

4. Fort Worth COA Rules Employer’s Online Arbitration Policy is Unenforceable Absent Explicit Notice to Workers – Beth Graham of Karl Bayer @karlbayer in Austin

3. Supreme Court’s Life Technologies v. Promega DecisionSteven Callahan of Charhon Callahan Robson & Garza in Dallas

2. 7th Circuit Rules That Title VII Covers Sexual Orientation: It’s Bigger Than You ThinkBush Law Firm in The Woodlands

1. East Texas Lab Finalizes False Claims Act Settlement for Medicare FraudRoberts & Roberts @robertslawfirm in Tyler

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