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Wrongful Death of Jordin Taylor Leaves Questions Unanswered

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Texas State Student Victim of Wrongful Death


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San Marcos, Texas – Investigators say a Texas State University student, Jordin Taylor, was struck and dragged under a shuttle bus located in Martindale, Texas. Authorities say the bus belonged to Skyline Party Bus and was stored at Cool River Ranch for a fraternity party.

Taylor was attending a party hosted by Texas State fraternities held at Cool River Ranch. One attendee stated that the event ended at around 11:30 p.m. on October 28.

Guadalupe County Sheriff’s Office say they were called out to Cool River Ranch southeast of San Marcos at 1:09 p.m. on Oct. 29. The call came Sat. afternoon when a mechanic found the body of the 20-year-old student.

Authorities say the body was found under the rear axle of the bus. Investigations report that Taylor was dragged more than 500 feet after initially being struck by the bus.

Reports indicate that a malfunctioning braking system occurred at around 11:15 p.m. One of the shuttle buses lost its air braking system, and a bus supervisor instructed the driver to leave the bus where it stopped and transfer to another bus.

The case is being investigated as a wrongful death, murder is not suspected. Skyline Party Bus is involved in the investigations. The company has had five safety violations and been involved in two crashes since last year. In one report, authorities say they believe the bus’ mechanical problems were a result of the collision with the student. However, in contrast to that statement from Guadalupe County officials, Skyline Party buses had history of unsafe braking systems and a record of violations. On a single day in April 2016, the company received two violations for a bus’ braking system. First that the the bus was was not equipped with an anti-lock brake system. Second that the bus had a defective brake warning device.

Wrongful Death Leaves Many Questions Unanswered

Local news reporter Lauren Lanmon wrote that the Skyline Party Bus company has not responded to outreach by phone or email. According to the company’s Facebook page, they are still in operation.

Greek students are advised not to speak on the matter, according to local news source KXAN. Two fraternities hosted the party, Pi Kappa Alpha and Alpha Tao Omega. Texas State official Matt Flores says the off-campus event was registered through the university. However both fraternities are being investigated by the University to ensure that they followed all Greek organization rules and regulations.

Cool River Ranch, where the party was held, has released a statement saying “Our thoughts and prayers are with Ms. Taylor’s family and friends during this difficult time. At the time, this matter remains under investigation. We are fully cooperating with law enforcement in their investigation of this tragic event.”

Witnesses stated that authorities were searching for a missing person around 1:00 a.m. on Saturday October 29.

Life of Jordin Taylor Remembered by Many

Taylor was a freshman at Texas State University majoring in respiratory care. She grew up and went to high school in the Dallas Fort Worth area.

Taylor was a member of Alpha Delta Pi Sorority. The organization has halted all operations following this tragic event.

A friend who spoke with the media remembers Taylor as one of the sweetest, kindhearted and loving individuals they had ever met.

“Jordin had an amazing personality that could light up a room and was loved by all. She was truly an amazing person and will be missed very much.”

She is survived by her father, Joey Taylor, sister Ashtin Taylor and broth Dustin Taylor. She was preceded in death by her mother, Kara Taylor, who passed away unexpectedly from a brain tumor in 2012.

Austin, San Marcos Wrongful Death Representation

No one will ever be able to explain the senselessness of Ms. Taylor’s death. Losing a loved one can be devastating, but when their death is caused by the negligence or deliberate actions of another, recovery can be an even more challenging experience. That is just one reason why wrongful death litigation can be complex.

Compensation will never return the life of a loved one. A claim for wrong death a way for families hurt by companies to hold them accountable for recklessness that caused their pain, distress and suffering.

Our hearts go out to the family and friends of Taylor.

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