Friday, March 4, 2016

The Abyssinian Proof – Jenny White

Originally published by Michael C. Smith.








While I wasn’t completely pleased with my first Kamil Pasha novel, I thought the character was interesting enough that I would give it another try with this, the second book in the series. I started out reading it, but since I had to do a lot of driving around that time, I ended up buying the Audible version as well, and listening to part of it before finishing it off late one night on the Kindle. 

The characters and the plot remain somewhat opaque, and it is difficult to follow what is happening at times, but the flavor of Ottoman Istanbul is well worth the read. Kamil is an entertaining character, but the plot device of dangling one or two potential romantic interests in front of him throughout the book is a little predictable, as the same thing happened in the first book.

I must’ve liked it better than the first, because as soon as I finished it, I bought third and started reading it. 

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