Friday, February 5, 2016

Houston Legal Links

Originally published by Mary Flood.

Top legal links include: Planned Parenthood videographer turns down probation offer; Ex-deputy constable pleads guilty in case involving prisoner; Court of Criminal Appeals Candidates Emphasize Experience; Uniformed deputies at political event draw campaign complaint (Chron subsc); Facebook removes Houston serial killer’s profile page; Trooper in Sandra Bland Case Set for Arraignment; De-Funding Planned Parenthood Was Really Bad for Low-Income Women in Texas; State now offers hormone therapy to transgender inmates; Federal corruption probe snags leaders of South Texas city; Man shot multiple times inside gentlemen’s club in southwest Houston; Presidential Politics: Lawyers Join Grassroot Contributors (Texas Lawyer); Congress Scolds NASA, Underscoring How Far We Are From Mars; Oil Theft, Often Inside Jobs, A Growing Problem in Texas Oilfields; T. Boone Pickens cashes out on oil, awaits time to get back in; Buffett’s firm now owns nearly 14 percent of Phillips 66 & Despite downturn, Texas oil & gas industry put billions in public coffers.

For the water cooler: Prosecutor’s feigned sleep during defense closing didn’t create prejudicial error, court says; Stoner Jeff Spicoli Gets Quoted In Brief — Against Sean Penn; DC crime bill would pay stipends to at-risk people who stay out of trouble; Law School Cancels Barrister’s Ball Because Of Donald Trump; Lawyer faces false imprisonment charge over firing of worker; Suit claims rigged lottery game reduced subsequent winner’s jackpot; And This Is Why Noncompete Clauses Are The Worst; Can once-obscure ‘borrower defense’ help law grads erase student debt?; 9th Circuit OKs civil rights suit by man mistakenly jailed on warrant for another man; Defense seeks mistrial due to enhanced courtroom security in federal drug case; These law schools had the highest percentage of employed students not using their degrees; O.J. Simpson’s lawyer Alan Dershowitz told us the most lasting impact of the trial; Inmate settles suit over ‘be sweet’ chair; Congress Got A Taste Of Martin Shkreli And Found It Very Gross & Standard Of Review: The Times They Are A-Changin’; Will Suits Adapt?

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